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payment in US dollars
Prices are expressed in US dollars and euros. However, we accept payment in US dollars only; prices expressed in euros are given solely for information purposes. The exchange rate is updated on a regular basis; to obtain the most up-to-date exchange rate, go to

payment via PayPal
paraphernalia™ accepts payment via PayPal only. An ebay company, Paypal is a US-based on-line transaction service provider with 35 million account members worldwide. In 2003, PayPal launched PayPal UK, its first international website and service designed exclusively for users in the United Kingdom. The same year PayPal established its new European headquarter in Dublin, providing customer service, fraud prevention and operational support for members in the UK and other European countries. Since then, PayPal has also launched websites in Austria, Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland.

maximum confidentiality and security
By using Paypal, you are not required to provide paraphernalia™ your bank account details or credit card information. To ensure that your information is handled with complete confidentiality and maximum security, PayPal automatically encrypts your confidential information in transit from your computer to theirs using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with an encryption key length of 128-bits (the highest level commercially available).

Paypal accepts credit cards and bank transfers
PayPal accepts credit card payments (Visa, Master, Discover and American Express) from 45 countries worldwide. It also accepts direct bank transfers from holders of US bank account, as well as accounts from Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Canada via its "add funds" function.

PayPal service is free for the buyer
Note that the transaction service provided by PayPal is free for the buyer, free to register and free to use. As a seller, paraphernalia™ bears a small fee for this service on each successful transaction.

order proceeds once payment is approved
Once an attempt has been made to debit payment from your credit card, PayPal sends out two emails to inform the success or failure of the transaction. One goes to you (the buyer), one goes to paraphernalia™ (the seller). Once your transaction is approved, we will immediately process your order. When your order is dispatched, paraphernalia™ will send you an email confirming the shipment date and the tracking number. Please print out and safeguard both the transaction confirmation email from PayPal as well as the shipment confirmation email from paraphernalia™ as these are effectively your purchase invoices.

special arrangement for Hong Kong bank account holders
In general we accept payment via PayPal only. However, we do make exceptions for Hong Kong bank account holders who prefer to pay by direct transfer to our bank account. Please contact us to request our bank account details.

Read more about payment in terms and conditions.

Please contact us for further queries on payment methods.

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