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Vote for freedom, vote Libertarian
date: 19-October-2004
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paraphernalia agrees, but not this time. Unless you are a republican that is, in which case we beg you to vote libertarian :)

I sympathize with the so-called “undecided” voters, but I know they are not really undecided. They have come to the firm conclusion that voting for either one of the two leading presidential candidates will be a humiliating compromise of their moral and intellectual integrity.
Voter turnout continues to be pathetically low, especially among college-age people. Perhaps the problem is they don’t feel as if there is a real choice in this election.

Your true political alternative is the Libertarian Party. Even The Minnesota Daily knew this when its editorial board endorsed Libertarian presidential candidate Harry Browne over President George W. Bush, and former Vice President Al Gore in the 2000 election.

The Libertarian Party has been around since 1971, and boasts more candidates and members in elected office than all other third parties combined. Our presidential candidate this year, Michael Badnarik, will be on the ballot in Minnesota as well as 47 other states, plus Washington, D.C. Compare this to independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader, who is only on 34 ballots.

If you reside in the 4th Congressional District, or State House District 40A, you will have the opportunity to vote Libertarian in local races as well.

The other candidates talk about who can make the best decisions for your life. Libertarians and Badnarik think you can decide how your life should be run, free from government interference in your personal and economic matters.

Badnarik is pro-freedom on every issue. He opposes the drug war, gun control and turning our military into the World Police. He favors tax cuts, free speech, keeping politicians out of our bedrooms and reducing the size and influence of government in our lives.

A vote for either of the two major parties is choosing more government, more bureaucracy and less freedom for you. Don’t waste your vote this year: vote Libertarian.

Brian Feldt is a University student and president of the Campus Libertarians. Please send comments to letters@mndaily.com.

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