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Welcome to p issues - the heart of paraphernalia™, the section we truly hope you'll get addicted to. As you know from reading our p about page, paraphernalia™ is a legitimate business dedicated to raising and spreading awareness on drug policy normalization. P issues is the section where we want to get the ideas across. But we're not here to preach, or to lecture. We simply want to invite you to consider other ways of thinking, and also reconsider historical lessons that we have, unfortunately, chosen to forget.

In keeping with our "no preaching, no lecturing" motto, we have deliberately avoided lengthy articles. Instead, we have created a highly interactive - and hopefully amusing - presentation of our ideas filled with links to other people's ideas. For those wishing to dig deeper in various issues, we have selected a list of useful resources in p library

The first bundle of p issues to be published by paraphernalia™ is grouped under a sub-section named At What Costs? (See intro below). We will not be stopping here, so expect to see expansion in time. On the other hand p news is updated much more frequently.

At what costs?

Drug costs society dearly! If that is so, then so do alcohol and cigarettes. Does legal alcohol and cigarettes cost society more than illegal alcohol and cigarettes? American history provides an easy answer. When America banned alcohol for over 10 years in 1920 - 1932, the costs to society were devastating.

So what makes you think the escalating social ills we are suffering now are caused by drugs, and are not instead the direct consequences of 50 long years of prohibition? If drug costs society dearly, perhaps illegal drugs costs even more? Unfortunately, as long as prohibition remains in place, it would be impossible to answer this question.

What we can do however is to revisit our principle assumption; that drug, alcohol and cigarette costs society dearly. We're calling this an assumption because, at best, such claim is based mostly on conventional wisdom rather than wisdom. Remember that once upon a time, sex was considered unhealthy, and no one would disagree. Therefore to understand the issues involved with drug normalization, we must first re-examine our conventional mindset about drugs and addiction. More precisely, we need to analyze the underlying set of assumptions which have brought about the principle that drug costs society dearly.

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