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More views on the effects of drug prohibition on corruption:

"If you're a Mexican police officer making $300 a month and the cartel pays you $10,000 a month, what are the odds? It's a matter of economics."

Retired FBI agent Schwein
Drug War Money Brings Ever More Corruption
La Times / Cannabis News


"Corruption caused by the illicit trade in narcotics is especially prevalent in some foreign countries. "In 1998, DEA reported that drug-related corruption existed in all branches of the [Colombian] government, within the prison system, and in the military... In November 1998, U.S. Customs and DEA personnel searched a Colombian Air Force aircraft in Florida and found 415 kilograms of cocaine and 6 kilograms of heroin."

US General Accounting Office,
Drug Control: Narcotics Threat from Colombia Continues to Grow
Corruption of Law Enforcement Officers and Public Officials


"Back in the 1980s Colombia went through a horrifying bout with terrorism when the U.S. was chasing the notorious drug lord, Pablo Escobar. Like Osama Bin Laden, Escobar considered human life expendable and he liked to blow people up to get our attention. In his time, he killed hundreds of innocent people before the U.S. put together a secret Colombian commando force to track him down. But the men in charge were so terrified of Escobar that they invited his underworld competitors to join the hunt -- another classic example of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." When Escobar was finally gunned down, these other traffickers simply replaced him and they proved to be much more efficient. Today, despite our best efforts, drug production in that luckless country is raging out of control.”

Mike Gray
Drugs and Terrorism


"I was sent undercover to Bangkok during the Vietnam War. I was hanging with Chinese drug dealers in Bangkok. They were smuggling heroin into the U.S. in the dead bodies of GIs who were transshipped through Thailand. The Chinese drug dealers invited me to go to the factory up in the Golden Triangle area in northern Thailand, where much of the heroin sent to the United States originated. All of a sudden I was cut off from logistical support…” ex-DEA agent Michael Levine

Battlefield Conversions


In a famous 1959 case, Anslinger's top international agent, George White, an OSS/CIA operative, made a major heroin bust. It was Burmese Kuomintang heroin funnelled through Hong Kong, bound for distribution by the American Syndicate. But by allowing the ringleader, a well-known member of San Francisco's KMT-organized Chinese Anti-Communist League to escape, White was enabled to claim that it was Red Chinese dope, "most of it from a vast poppy field near Chungking." The Kuomintang is for Prohibition.

Dan Russel
Drug War: Convert Power, Money and Policy


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