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"Corruption is the behaviour of private individuals or public officials who deviate from set responsibilities and use their position of power in order to serve private ends and secure private gains"

United Nation Office of Drugs and Crime


SOME VIEWS of the effects of prohibition alcohol on corruption :

a 1920s cartoonist expressing his public view of the prohibition of alcohol that was enforced with the intention to produce a sober, productive, safe and incorruptible America

The fruitless efforts at enforcement are creating public disregard not only for this law but for all laws. Public corruption through the purchase of official protection for this illegal traffic is widespread and notorious. The courts are cluttered with prohibition cases to an extent which seriously affects the entire administration of justice. The prisons, Sate and National , are overflowing, but the number of lawbreakers still increases. The people are being poisoned with bad and unregulated liquor to the permanent detriment of the public health and the ultimate increase of dependency and crime. The illicit producer, the bootlegger and the speakeasy are reaping a rich harvest of profits, and are becoming daily more securely entrenched. The enormous revenues estimated at from two to three billion dollars per annum placed in the hands of the lawless and criminal elements of society through this illegal traffic are not only enabling them to carry on this business in defiance of the government, but to organize and develop other lines of criminal activity to an extent which threatens social and economic security. The country is growing restive under these conditions. The situation demands some definite and constructive relief.


* Commisioner of Prohibition reported in the National Commission on Law Observance and Enforcement 1931


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