at what costs?addiction



Are you addicted? Here's a few theories...

Are you are losing yourself over shopping? (The Loss-of-control Theory)
Or craving for sex very often? (The Craving Theory)

Are you feeling compelled to play video games? (The Compulsion Theory)
The more you play the better you become, so you play more. (The Tolerance Theory)

You can't give up on a guy who doesn't love you? (The Physical-dependence Theory) And you're spending all your time and energy on him, ignoring your family and breaking their hearts? (The Willing-to-give-up-families Theory) But he left you anyway; you feel totally destroyed. You can't get over him, and you feel so sick that you're nauseating. (The Withdrawal Theory) For a while you binge on food to cope. (The Binging Theory) But you recover when you find a new, stronger love - God. (The Gateway Theory)

Or may be you're busy conquering a mountain, even if it might kill you? (The Willing-to-give-up-life Theory)
And one day on your way to challenge death, meet your lover or play a new video game, you get offered a puff of marijuana, you inhale your offer, but you get caught.
(The Drug use=addiction-and-addiction-must-be-punished Theory)

So... what if you are addicted? Here are two sets of credos you can follow.

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