at what costs? black market

Black Market leads to violence, corruptions, social and health problems?!
Let's consider the following:

Q: Which group is likely to produce fairly-priced and good quality products?
A: Pharmaceuticals because they are legitimate, operate in free and open markets, and therefore subject to regulations by consumers, competitors and governments.

Q: Which group is likely to produce overpriced, bad quality and dangerous products?
A: Drug mafias because they are illegitimate, operate in black and closed markets, and therefore not subject to any regulations.

Q: What happens when pharmaceuticals break contracts with their distributors?
A: They resort to law suits; and settle their scores at courts.

Q: What happens when drug mafias break their "words of honor" with their distributors?
They resort to violence; and settle their scores on the streets.
The majority of violence that people typically associate with drug IS NOT borne out of the individual "crazy" drug user, but by "sober" drug mafias borne out of the "crazy" illegality of drug.

Q: Which is the greedier group?
A: Impossible to answer, most likely both. Without greed - or ambition to be polite - how does one progress? But when this greed steps over the line and becomes corruption, the law enforcement agents must do its work to prosecute the corrupted and protect its victims. However if these agents are busy cracking victimless crimes, stemming out violence created by drug mafias (which wouldn't be there in the first place if it wasn't for the illegality of drugs), then how much time does it have left to deal with "real" crimes?

Q: Who would most like to see prohibition lasts?
A: What do you think? Isn't it obvious?


"So long as large sums of money are involved - and they are bound to be if drugs are illegal - it is literally impossible to stop the traffic, or even to make a serious reduction in its scope."

"Our emphasis here is based not only on the growing seriousness of drug-related crimes, but also on the belief that relieving our police and our courts from having to fight losing battles against drugs will enable their energies and facilities to be devoted more fully to combatting other forms of crime. We would thus strike a double blow: reduce crime activity directly, and at the same time increase the efficacy of law enforcement and crime prevention."

Milton Friedman
in "Tyranny of the Status Quo" 1984

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